Industrial Engineering

Functional Foods Laboratory

Bioactive compounds have a crucial role in people’s healthy life. Therefore, in our Functional Foods Laboratory, we obtain, extract and characterize bioactive compounds (omega 3 and antioxidants, among others) from food and by-products of the Peruvian biodiversity, with the development and application of technological processes such as ultrasound- and microwave-assisted extraction, microencapsulation of bioactive compounds and infrared drying. Likewise, we work on the design and development of prototypes, and on the industrial scaling-up, bioavailability, stability, sensory analysis and shelf life of functional foods to improve quality of life. 

We have strategic inter-institutional alliances with the Institute of Fats (CSIC) in Seville, Spain; the National Institute for Industrial Technology (INTI) in Argentina; the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) in Mexico; and the University of Florence (UniFI) in Italy, among others, as well as with international networks such as the International Chia-Link Network and the AlfaNutra Network.

In this manner, our research results, including microencapsulated sacha inchi oils, antioxidants from by-products of the Peruvian biodiversity and functional foods developed in our laboratory, aim to provide support to food companies, health organizations, farmers, eco-businesses and end consumers.

In our laboratory, we carry out the following analytical determinations and technological processes:

1. Analysis of quality parameters of vegetable oils

CDR OxiTester
This is used in analytical determinations of acidity, peroxide value, polyphenols, stability index and K270 in vegetable oils and microencapsulated omega 3.

2. Extraction, concentration and characterization of antioxidants and by-products of food from the Peruvian biodiversity

CW-2000 ultrasound-microwave cooperative extractor
This is used in pretreatments for the extraction of bioactive compounds from food and by-products of the Peruvian biodiversity.

Retsch knife mill GRINDOMIX GM 200
This is used for fine grinding of food and by-products of the Peruvian biodiversity.                                                       

Büchi Rotavapor R-100
This is used to concentrate bioactive compounds from food and by-products of the Peruvian biodiversity.

This is used in the determination of polyphenols and the evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of antioxidant extracts and microencapsulated compounds obtained from food and by-products of the Peruvian biodiversity.


3. Food drying

8-tray food dehydrator IRCDi8
This is used for far-infrared drying of food and bioactive compounds, which allows the maintenance of their organoleptic, nutritional and functional quality for direct consumption, or as inputs in the formulation of functional foods.


4. Microencapsulation of bioactive compounds by spray dryer and their characterization  

Silverson L5M-A laboratory mixer
This is used to emulsify and homogenize mixtures with vegetable oils, natural antioxidants and other bioactive compounds from food and by-products of the Peruvian biodiversity.

Büchi mini spray dryer B-290
This is used for spray drying homogenous mixtures with bioactive compounds such as omega 3 and antioxidants with the aim of obtaining microcapsules with functional active compounds.    

Sartorius MA-30 moisture analyzer
This is used for fast determination of the moisture content of raw materials, consumables and foods by infrared tubular heating elements.


5. Design and manufacturing of functional foods

Sacha inchi oil microcapsules with and without natural antioxidants

These microcapsules are being used in the preparation of beverages, baby food and candies, among others.                                     

Functional gummies with omega 3 microcapsules and natural antioxidants
These candies are made with fruit juice concentrates, microcapsules and natural antioxidants.


6. Sensory analysis of oils and functional foods

Bunsen thermostatic bath BD 1625
This is used to heat and maintain vegetable oils at a suitable temperature for optimal sensory and organoleptic evaluation.

Tasting room
This is used for sensory and organoleptic analysis of the functional food prototypes developed.


7. Determination of the oxidative stability and shelf life of oils, microcapsules and functional foods

Evaluation of the shelf life of microencapsulated omega 3 and natural antioxidant compounds.                                                                                    

892 Professional Rancimat
This is used for fast determination of the stability and shelf life of vegetable oils, microcapsules and functional foods with omega 3.


8. Bioavailability analysis

Analytical balance and heating oven

These are used to test the dispersibility, wettability and bioavailability of functional foods.