Industrial Engineering

Professional Profile

The educational objectives describe the goals that Industrial Engineering professionals must achieve. Said objectives have been defined taking into account the opinion of employers, graduates and students.

Industrial Engineering professionals from the University of Lima achieve the following educational objectives:

  1. They have theory and practical knowledge necessary to design, evaluate, analyze and improve processes in manufacturing and service companies.
  2. They have the competences to develop, plan, lead and evaluate engineering projects, and manage the appropriate use of resources.
  3. They systematically seek new opportunities for improvement and innovation, demonstrating a culture of quality.
  4. They communicate with clarity, confidence and efficiency, demonstrating that they have leadership and creativity skills which enable them to become important actors in the development of a company’s organizational culture.
  5. They are committed to their constant personal and professional development which allows them to identify the constant changes and opportunities offered by the new technologies, business management, and advances in engineering and science.
  6. They base their performance on moral and ethical principles that are related to the sustainable development of society.

Moreover, our industrial engineers may work in:

  • Public and private industrial companies
  • Commercial and service companies
  • Research and technological development centers
  • Investment projects
  • Consulting companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Public development agencies and ministries
  • Business management bodies
  • Academic bodies