Industrial Engineering

Physics II Laboratory

In this laboratory, students may acquire the knowledge to perform an effective measurement, which requires conducting statistical error analyses, as part of the basic education of every industrial engineer. To this end, different experiences are carried out to calculate the elastic constant and density of a spring, all with their respective error percentage. Likewise, concerning electrical circuits, diverse activities enable students to learn how to use different equipment such as the multimeter, which measures multiple parameters. From these experiences, we can demonstrate Coulomb’s law, the existence of an electric field, and recognize series and parallel circuits, with the aim of applying, in a practical manner, all the concepts learned in theory classes.

Some of our equipment is detailed below:


Power supply unit

Known as power source or supply unit, it converts 220-volt alternating current delivered to homes into continuous or direct current, which is used by electronic devices such as resistors, capacitors and coils.

Van de Graaff generator (GVG)

Electrostatic equipment used to generate high voltage. It is based on the phenomena of contact electrification and electrostatic induction.

Digital multimeter

Handheld electronic instrument used to directly measure electrical quantities, such as direct or alternating current and voltage, as well as resistance, capacitance and inductance. This tool is used in the diagnosis and verification of certain variables for workshops, laboratories and industry in general.