Industrial Engineering

Quality Control Laboratory

This laboratory offers Industrial Engineering students modern facilities and equipment, especially for conducting food quality control tests. It allows to verify compliance with national and international quality standards according to Good Laboratory Practices.

Characteristics such as solubility of solids, acidity and moisture, as well as mass and volume measurements, are evaluated. Students’ work is constantly monitored by our professors and qualified technical staff with experience in product analysis.

Cooperative work at the laboratory provides students with the vision and analytical skills to determine the quality of products.

Some of our equipment is detailed below:

Algunos de nuestros equipos


Analytical balance

This balance measures the weight of products with small masses (from 1 milligram).

Moisture analyzer

This device determines the dry content remaining after a drying process with infrared energy of a sample previously weighed. This allows to measure the moisture content of the weighed wet mass.

Digital Brix refractometer

This refractometer measures the sucrose concentration (soluble solids) of a solution based on the refractive index generated by the light in such solution, with a measurement range from 0 to 85% Brix.