Industrial Engineering

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

This is an area properly equipped for research aimed at applying chemistry and technological processes. Since students and graduates need to demonstrate, support and verify substances under research, this space is ideal for them to develop their experiments, characterize substances, and interpret their characteristics and properties.

Some of our equipment is detailed below:


Soxhlet extractor

This equipment extracts substances by the Soxhlet method. It is used to determine the amount of fats and oils of a solid sample.

Muffle furnace

This equipment is intended for applications including annealing, calcination, melting, heat treatment and oxidation of solid materials. It is used to calcinate samples in chemical tests and determine the presence of sulfates. It is also used in heat treatments of metal samples such as steel, brass, among others.

Analytical sieve shaker

This equipment classifies and separates solids by particle size. It is used for grain size analysis of different samples such as minerals, chemicals and food substances.