Industrial Engineering

Flexible Manufacturing Laboratory (CIM)

This is an academic space that aims to strengthen learning and research activities on industrial automation technologies. The human talent of the laboratory designs and manufactures modules for teaching and learning of industrial processes that are used by students, thesis students and researchers.

The laboratory’s technological infrastructure is made up of pneumatic and electropneumatic modules, industrial networks, robotic systems, industrial process control systems, devices for industrial instrumentation, equipment for CNC automated design and manufacturing, as well additive manufacturing.

Some of our equipment is detailed below:


Machining center (EMCO CNC milling machine)

This is used to mill profiles, cavities and surface contours where three or four axes of the milling table must be controlled simultaneously. Industries that regularly use milling machines are automotive (design of engine blocks, molds and diverse components), aerospace (aircraft turbines) and electronic (mold making and prototyping) industries, in addition to those engaged in the manufacturing of machinery, instrumentation and electrical components.

Our machining center manufactures parts that have been designed with the CAD software available at the University and the EDGECAM software for CNC programming.

Motoman CNC robots

Motoman robots are representative machines in industrial production systems. In the academic environment, they allow users to recognize and set up the movement of the robotic arm for the handling of parts (packaging and transfer). In the internal network, they are responsible for supplying parts to machines in a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) so that such machines may work on an ongoing and automatic basis.

CNC lathe

This machine tool is used for lathe operations such as turning, facing and parting-off. It is also used to achieve similar results to those of CNC milling machines, but only two axes are employed when manufacturing turned parts. Like the CNC milling machine, it manufactures parts designed with the CAD software available at the University and the EDGECAM software for CNC programming.