Industrial Engineering

Electrical Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory carries out experiments and research with alternating current circuits, for which oscilloscopes, energy analyzers, clamp meters and multimeters are used. It is also possible to analyze electrical circuits and study the parameters of electrical machines, such as motors, transformers and some electronic circuits, using Arduino robots. The objective of all these experiences is to prepare industrial engineers for work and familiarize them with the electrical part of any industry.

Some of our equipment is detailed below:


Power logger

This device is intended to measure harmonics, current, inrush current, unbalance, start-up time, power factor, flicker, frequency, kilowatt-hour, voltage and watts. In addition, it is used to determine power quality, conduct load studies and capture voltage events.

Tektronix oscilloscope

Electronic display instrument used to graphically display electrical signals that may change over time. It is widely used in signal electronics, often in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer.


Device that measures the rotation speed of a motor shaft.