Civil Engineering

Research Training in the Program

The training of Ulima’s civil engineers is based on sciences and technology, and its objective is that our future professionals may respond to the challenges posed by the society with expeditiousness, ethical soundness, creativity and innovation. At the same time, this training is in line with the development of soft skills: those that allow our engineers to assertively communicate, work in multidisciplinary teams, and exercise a significant leadership. For this reason, we promote and encourage research culture in student community from the most basic levels of the program.

How are we implementing research?
Through a research gradualness matrix, strategic agreements, participation in calls for research projects with external funds, and promotion of study circles and research groups.

What research phases are considered in the gradualness matrix developed throughout the curriculum?

  • Introduction to research (learning to learn).
  • Exploratory research.
  • Descriptive research.
  • Explanatory research.

What are the characteristics of research at undergraduate level?

  • Level of knowledge: proved or standard knowledge.
  • Type of knowledge: applied.
  • Research approach: application of the acquired knowledge.
  • Professor involvement: knowledge socializer and research instructor.

How do we organize?
By means of the creation of multidisciplinary research teams that will identify potential research lines, agreements and calls.

What are the benefits?
Promotion of research from the beginning of the studies and articulation of academic interests with potential applications in the industry.

What do we need to know?
The direction of research in specific issues and the profile of new research-oriented professors.

How do we register what we do?
Fairs, Ulima Repository, publications, congresses, books, journals.

What results do we expect?
Strengthening of research in the Ulima at all levels, positioning of the Ulima as a reference in implementing research, and publications in prestigious journals.