Civil Engineering

Project Simulation Laboratory

Technology is constantly changing. This is also applied to the field of civil engineering, in which the use of digital information is necessary for the development and efficient management of projects.

In this context, the Project Simulation Laboratory intends to provide a place where the university community may have access to new technologies for research and development of projects.

Areas of Study

In the Simulation Laboratory, students study and conduct research on different areas of interest. Some of them are:

Building Information Modeling

  • Virtual building modeling.
  • Virtual design and construction of simulations to be applied to environmental, electromechanical infrastructure, sanitary and hydraulic projects, among others.
  • Building structural behavior simulation.

Photogrammetry and Sensors

  • Photogrammetry applied to topographical surveys and buildings, applicable to BIM models.
  • Processing of data obtained through LiDAR technology.
  • Processing of data obtained through bathymetric sensors.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Models with which interaction is possible through virtual reality and augmented reality.

Research Projects

In 2018, this Laboratory contributed to the development of the research carried out with the Scientific Research Institute (IDIC) entitled “Proposal for the design of sanitary facilities in buildings by using the BIM methodology, and virtual and augmented realities.” This proposal was aimed at designing a methodology for modeling sanitary facilities of buildings by combining the BIM methodology (building information modeling) with virtual and augmented realities.


The Laboratory complies with the requirements of national and international standards.

Equipment and Technology

This Laboratory has high-technology equipment available to students and professors for the development of technical and scientific projects of any nature. Some of them are:

  • High-performance computers.
  • Drones for inspection and photogrammetry works including models such as DJI Matrice 210 RTK, Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro.
  • LiDAR sensors for high-precision surveying.
  • Virtual reality glasses and augmented reality equipment used in the development of projects.