Civil Engineering

Pavement Laboratory

The Pavement Laboratory promotes innovation in the area of road infrastructure.

In this context, the Pavement Laboratory intends to provide the university community with an environment conducive to the preparation of academic works, teaching projects and scientific research in such area. It also aims to provide the industry with specialized technical support.


Several types of tests, such as quality control of asphalt mixture materials, characterization of all asphalt components, and specification of their physical and mechanical characteristics, are carried out in this laboratory.

Tests for Road Works

  • Standard, modified and CBR compaction tests.

Asphalt Mixture Tests

  • Asphalt washing.
  • Unit weight or bulk density (per briquette). 
  • Fine aggregate adherence.
  • Coarse aggregate adherence.
  • Thickness and height of compacted specimens.
  • Theoretical maximum specific gravity (Rice density).
  • Percentage of air voids.
  • Marshall specimen extruder.