Civil Engineering

Our Research Culture

The Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program, in line with the University of Lima’s vision, proposes itself as an entity that promotes research and innovation, through the comprehensive training of professionals with skills for planning and implementing projects that contribute to the articulation between science and industry. In this respect, it is intended to promote research immersion in a coordinated and consistent manner in all the areas of the program. Such processes involve actions ranging from curricular activities to search for strategic alliances with the industrial sector, with the intention of joining efforts between science and industry, and contributing to the socioeconomic development of the country.

In this case, the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program is constantly seeking the establishment of cooperation networks with other educational institutions that contribute to this approach. Additionally, and with the aim to create opportunities for planning and implementing research projects in this undergraduate program, it is necessary to have the collaboration of expert researchers who will contribute to the training of students so that they may increase their research skills in the corresponding areas of civil engineering, in line with the national reality.

To access research of the program in the Repository of the University, please click here.

Research Training in the Program

We promote research in the student community from the basic levels.

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Research Expo

It aims to disseminate students’ research projects developed in several subjects.

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Research Projects

Learn about our developed and ongoing projects.

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