Civil Engineering


The University of Lima, through the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program, is a member of various committees of the National Quality Institute (INACAL), attached to the Ministry of Production, together with other representatives of the public sector, private sector and academia. The University of Lima is part of the Technical Committee for Standardization (CTN) of Buildings and Civil Engineering Works, and the Technical Subcommittee for Standardization (SCTN) of the Organization of Information on Construction and Quality Works in Construction.

The purpose of these committees is to develop Peruvian Technical Standards (NTP) that standardize quality and ensure safety in constructions with a view to preventing accidents during earthquakes or claims. Their work is to propose standards according to the guidelines and good practices necessary to ensure quality in constructions. To this end, technical, environmental, social, economic, innovation, and occupational safety and health aspects are considered.

As for the ongoing work, Alexandre Almeida, MEng, director of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program, and technical secretary of the CTN and SCTN, comments as follows:

“It is very important to have quality buildings that mainly guarantee us safety. Along with the organizations that make up the technical committee and subcommittee, we are committed to developing Peruvian Technical Standards that allow us the construction of safe houses, from design planning and process to manufacturing and materials to be used in the construction.”