Welfare Bureau


The main function of the Welfare Bureau is to offer university community members —students, graduates, academic and administrative staff—, according to its possibilities, special programs and services, such as preventive health care, facilities for internship and employment, psychoeducational counseling, scholarship-credit policy for students, recreation and sports, cultural and artistic promotion, and ongoing support for the activities of the different student and alumni associations.

Lines of Service

The Welfare Bureau supports the comprehensive development of students in the biopsychosocial and artistic spheres through the development of programs, activities and workshops in its three lines of service:

  • Ulima Laboral. It is a service that enables students to enter the labor market through the development of workshops, talks, fairs, counseling and support in graduate processes. 
  • University services. They include social service, health service, nutrition, psychology and university chapel. By means of extracurricular activities, the departments that provide these services facilitate the training process of students and graduates. 
  • University life. Social competences and skills are strengthened by the development of sports and artistic expression. Likewise, students have the option to participate in several university associations.


The Welfare Bureau has specialized and trained staff for each of the following departments:

  • Ulima Laboral. 
  • Department of Social Services. 
  • Department of Health Services. 
  • Department of Psychology. 
  • Department of Sports. 
  • Department of Artistic Activities and Associations. 
  • Chapel.

Contact Information

Telephone: (511) 437 6767, extension: 30701