Welfare Bureau

List of Services


Thanks to the communication infrastructure, expanded and improved on an ongoing basis, the University of Lima maintains an internet connection, a system which enables professors and students to communicate by email, videoconference or chat online with users of other parts of the world; consult databases of all institutions in the world connected to the network, such as universities, libraries and companies, among others; perform procedures; and obtain immediate information without it being necessary to move.

The University of Lima currently has two main state of the art servers, 46 servers and 2,000 workstations with the aim of meeting all the academic and administrative needs of the university community.

Bank Agency and ATMs

In order to expedite your transactions, the University of Lima has established an alliance with Scotiabank. This enables you to find a bank agency and ATM inside the campus, in the first floor of Building H. Moreover, there are two ATMs from other banks located in the first floor of Building D: Interbank (ATM and Coin ATM) and Banco de Crédito (ATM).


The University has different environments for events, conferences, talks and other activities.

  • Main Auditorium with a capacity of 500 persons. 
  • Auditorium of Building W with a capacity of 180 persons. 
  • Auditorium of Building S with a capacity of 200 persons. 
  • Aula Magna A with a capacity of 100 persons. 
  • Aula Magna B with a capacity of 100 persons. 
  • Zone of Multiple Uses (ZUM) Auditorium with a capacity of 600 to 1,200 persons.


The University of Lima programs conferences, workshops and seminars of public interest on a regular basis. These activities may be found in the agenda of the University.


The University of Lima’s chapel is located in the first floor of Building F and is permanently opened.

There are confessions on Wednesday at 12:00 h and mass on Wednesday at 13:00 h.

You may check the availability of the chapel for liturgical activities at the Secretary’s Office of the Welfare Bureau located in the second floor of Building F.

Parking Lots

The University of Lima has ample parking lots located in buildings V, Q, R and on Avenida Cruz del Sur for more than 1,500 cars.

Lost Property

If you find a lost property in the campus, please hand it to the closest security personnel. Moreover, if you have lost something, you can contact the Lost Property Office situated in Building V, office 303, or send a message to iaire@ulima.edu.pe to see if it has been handed in.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 08:30 h to 12:00 h and from 13:30 h to 15:00 h.

All property not picked up will be donated.

Film Room

The Faculty of Communication offers a continuous film program schedule and film series in the Ventana Indiscreta – Art Cinema of the University of Lima for each day of the week in the third floor of Building E-1.

Admission is free.

Visit the website of Ventana Indiscreta to check the current program schedule.

University of Lima Store

You are invited to visit us in the first floor of Building V where you can buy different items related to the University of Lima.


The University of Lima hosts the University Book Foundation, Libun. This is a non-profit institution, created to provide professors and university students of Peru updated and high-quality textbooks and reference books. All this bibliographical material comes from prestigious national and international publishing houses and are at affordable prices in order to support the effort of universities to improve the level of academic-professional training of their students.

Libun is located in the first floor of Building V. Therein, you can ask for payment facilities and discounts.