Psychological Service

Psychological Services

The Department of Psychology of the Welfare Bureau provides psychoeducational service to help students and other university community members achieve the full development of their potential. In this regard, we believe that any person may consciously “work” on growing as a person and integrating with others, enhance his/her positive emotions, update his/her resources, and achieve a greater personal development not only of his/her intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence but also of all his/her talents.

The main purpose of the Department of Psychology is to contribute to the achievement of the students’ academic goals dealing with aspects that may affect their learning, skills and academic performance. It is presented as an alternative to provide several forms of psychological support from a positive, optimistic, healthy and constructive perspective of the human being, more focused on students’ strengths, coping strategies and capacity to overcome negative experiences than on their weaknesses.

The service is free of charge and strictly confidential.

The psychological service is provided individually and in groups. Individual service offers psychological evaluation; vocational, professional, academic and personal orientation; as well as mentoring. The following workshops have been designed for group service: Strategies for an Effective Study, Stress Management, Reading Comprehension, Class Speech and Vocational Orientation.