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Ulima Laboral

Since 1965, the University of Lima has contacted with companies in order to train students in science and practice. This training process has positioned us in the labor market as training leaders. We began as a job bank that, over the years, developed a comprehensive model to strengthen the employability of our students and graduates.

The services of Ulima Laboral are as follows:

Ulima Laboral On line

It is a job offer publication service used by more than 6,000 member companies that enables them to receive résumés, make publications and pre-screen candidates.

Ulima Laboral Events

This service enables us to maintain the dissemination strategies of companies’ goals and recruitment programs through talks, evaluations, fairs and others. The physical and virtual Job Fair, the largest at the level of universities in Peru, is conducted in November of each year.

Ulima Laboral Students and Graduates

This service supports students and graduates in the procedures required to graduate through the signature of agreements, letters and internship reports. In line with the market needs, the service to support students and graduates to enter the labor market was implemented in 2008 by applying the Job Search Module (MBE) in its customized and group version. Students are also supported to make internship in the University.

Ulima Laboral Companies

Since 2008, activities aimed at strengthening training areas in companies member of Ulima Laboral On line have been conducted; and curriculums, among other activities, have been promoted through business breakfasts, seminars and congresses.

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