International Relations

Procedure for the registration of visiting researchers 2022

In order to carry out a research stay at the University of Lima, the visiting researcher must contact the International Relations and Internationalization Office and state his/her motivation. Such interest must be expressed in a document including the following details:

  1. Letter of motivation to carry out the stay at the University of Lima (Ulima).
  2. Linkage of the research with the areas and lines of research of Ulima. 
  3. List of research conducted and explanation of the source of funding (only if applicable).
  4. List of articles published in indexed journals in the last five years (only if applicable).
  5. Detailed work schedule explaining the work to be conducted, as well as the stay dates.
  6. Attach proof of funding (only if it is institutional or public competitive fund).
  7. Curriculum vitae.

During the visiting researcher’s stay, the University of Lima may offer him/her a work space and facilitate access to the bibliographic resources of our University. The University of Lima will also be able to help the visiting researcher obtain a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if necessary) and provide guidance on lodging in Lima.

However, the University of Lima will not provide funding to the visiting researcher, so that he/she will assume all the expenses involved in his/her stay. The visiting researcher is also fully responsible for acquiring an international medical insurance for the entire period of his/her stay.

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