International Relations

Student Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from current and past international students and from our exchange students during their study abroad semester.

A good practical approach 

José Alberto Piliado Cid
Metropolitan Autonomous University (Mexico)

I am studying computer engineering which is very similar to systems engineering in Peru. At the university I attend in Mexico, there are no specific programming courses like here, such as mobile programming, and that grabbed my attention. I took a database administration course which resulted to be very educational: it gave me a different perspective on its importance in a company. The University of Lima offers theory and practice courses, and there is an excellent approach in practical matters. Professors made us look for real solutions. For example, they used to tell us: “What would you do if you were in charge of this area?” I am pleased because I have complemented several things I studied in Mexico.

Besides the academic aspect, in Lima there are many things to do and see. The shore is not only the beach. I have enjoyed a lot to live in a coastal city even though the weather is a little bit strange.

What would I like to be in the future? A software developer, programmer or maybe a database administrator. I have more options now.

“Marketing here is more challenging than in France”

Maxime Anthonioz
Catholic University of Lyon (France)

This is my first time in South America and in Peru. My friends had already travelled to other countries but none of them to Peru. As this is a country with a very different culture than the one in France, I wanted to know it by myself. At the University of Lima, I have taken business, marketing and social sciences courses. It is interesting to study here because Peruvian economy has been growing significantly, while in France it did not grow so much. Another thing that grabbed my attention was that in France professors talk about the past, about how things were before. However, here there are courses about what is happening in Europe now; it is interesting to know how France is considered in Peru. Peru is a highly heterogeneous and very diverse country. What you learn in the courses can be seen outside the classroom every day. Marketing here is more challenging than in France.

Personal and intellectual development

Andrea Parra
Santo Tomás University (Branch campus at Villavicencio, Colombia)

The University of Lima has top-level academic staff. The University also has a first-class infrastructure. The two courses that I liked the most were Research Seminar and Intercultural Management. In both of them, professors encouraged me to constantly brush up on and deepen my knowledge. Furthermore, I met many people from different countries, and that is a very interesting cultural exchange. In this type of experience, you always grow both intellectually and personally.

“Living in another culture opens your mind and makes you more flexible”

Caterina Triolo
University of Wuppertal (Germany)

Studying at the University of Lima has been an interesting experience. I loved the Sports Psychology course because of the theory and practical applications. People in Peru were very kind to me. I also loved Peruvian cuisine. Living in another culture opens your mind and makes you more flexible. I will recommend my friends to live this exchange experience at the University of Lima.

The University of Lima, one of the best in the world

Carmen Delgado
University of Zaragoza (Spain)

I wanted to live an exchange experience in a completely novel context to me. That is why I chose South America. Among South American countries, Peru was the one which most grabbed my attention. I was attracted by both its culture and geographic diversity. I considered that all my classes at the University of Lima were of the highest level. Some courses that I loved were, for example, Introduction to Business and Peruvian Issues. I will recommend my friends to come to Peru and tell them that the University of Lima is every bit as good as the best universities in the world.

From Japan to Peru, via Australia

Suzuka Yamamoto
The University of Queensland (Australia)

My exchange experience at the University of Lima was excellent. In the Photography course I gained very useful knowledge. When I visited two beautiful cities, Arequipa and Cusco, I took many pictures and used them as part of the class assignments. I also registered in the Language II course which was demanding, but helped me to improve my fluency in Spanish. Why did I come to Peru? First of all, because there is an excellent bilateral relationship between Japan and Peru. Furthermore, I have a Peruvian friend who also studies in Australia, and he told me a lot of good stuff about Peru.

“A country full of opportunities and adventures”

Carlos Santa Gadea Pasco
University of Lima (Industrial Engineering)

The core of the career of industrial engineering is problem solving. I like to find the way in which companies can solve social and economic problems through business. Creating businesses is equivalent to create opportunities and contribute to build a more inclusive society. This can be done either by helping people to join companies or to undertake their own using adequate technical knowledge, and thus benefit from the country’s competitive advantages.

I like to have a global vision of everything. That is why at the University of Ottawa in Canada I chose courses, the majority of which from economics, that gave me a holistic vision of how economic agents act to achieve development. I loved the Economics of Developing Countries course: we learned about the challenges faced by our countries, and the solutions already applied to some of those challenges. In general, we tried to understand the pending challenges, why some economic policies work and some others do not, so as to think which is the best solution for each country. In addition, studying as a Canadian government grantee definitely helps you to be motivated because you are representing your country. Beyond the academic aspect, the experience was incredible: Canada is a country full of opportunities and adventures. For example, I arrived in summer and went to a river to do whale watching, a sort of photograph “safari”.

“The best experience of my life”

Pamela Luján
University of Lima (Industrial Engineering)

I was excited to live in Germany because I studied German in Peru. The six months that I spent at the Hochschule Düsseldorf – University of Applied Sciences were incredible. Now, back to Lima, I can say that living in Germany has been the best experience of my life.

In Düsseldorf, I pursued to widen my perspectives even more. Thus, although I was an Industrial Engineering student, I only took business-related courses. Some of them were Business German, Macroeconomics for Managers or Business in Emerging Markets.

In Germany, I realized that the University of Lima offers top-level academic training. During my classes in Düsseldorf, I never felt intimidated. I rather felt that I was able to understand everything that the professors and doctors taught in German. Additionally, the commitment shown by most of the students created an excellent study environment.

Besides the academic issue, I grew up in different personal aspects. Thanks to this experience, I improved my sense of independence, organization, responsibility and respect to other cultures.

“See the American experience with my own eyes”

Fernanda Luna
University of Lima (Industrial Engineering)

During six months, I wanted to break out of the routine in Peru and concentrate on learning about the American system from the inside. I wanted to focus on seeing the American experience with my own eyes, so I went to Georgia College.

It is remarkable that almost all my professors there were PhDs. They taught courses such as Marketing and Communication, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Planning or Astronomy. This last course was incredible. Even though I learned a lot, I realized that training at the University of Lima is on the same level as that from other universities worldwide.

I also met people from other countries and made friends. This cultural exchange is priceless.

“An enriching coexistence with people from other cultures”

Cinthia Loo
University of Lima (Management)

Thanks to the Pacific Alliance scholarship, I did my exchange in Chile, a country whose economic model interested me a lot. In that environment, I took classes related to finance, internal audit, economic policy, quantitative models and strategic marketing.

I lived in a student housing near the Central University in Santiago de Chile. In such an enriching coexistence with people from other cultures, the sense of openness and respect to others is reinforced. Additionally, when you are on your own, you become more responsible.

I appreciate the Student Exchange Program very much because it is an initiative that prevents the university from being considered as the only place in which you are passing through while you complete an undergraduate program. In this sense, I am very grateful to the University of Lima for the opportunities offered to students.

“A mental, emotional and geographic journey”

Juan Diego Mujica
University of Lima (Law)

I chose Czech Republic because I wanted to thrive in a culture different from everything I already knew. I pursued to live an exchange experience with lots of added values that demanded me more than just one challenge, and proved my knowledge and life experience. I feel that my goals were met during my stay in Prague and Europe. By the way, Prague is a beautiful city and that is always very motivating.

At Charles University in Prague, I could improve my English to an academic level. Moreover, as I wanted to see things from another perspective, I registered in courses related to social sciences, such as Democracy Promotion, Society and Media, or Compared European Studies, all of which had a great level.

This type of exchange strengthens personal values. Independence goes together with maturity. Additionally, being far away from Peru makes you value your country from another perspective. You see things differently. Your vision of the world widens.

This exchange has been a comprehensive experience to me, and not only at the academic level: it has also been a mental, emotional and geographic experience.

“A student of the University of Lima is at the same level as other students of the world”

Anahí Pazos
University of Lima (Law)

I wanted to improve my fluency in French, a language that I learned since I was at school. That is why I decided to do the exchange at the Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV University in France.

It was a great experience. Classes were taught in French, and that was exactly what I was looking for. Some of the courses I took were History of Europe, Contemporary Economic Issues and European Institutions.

This experience has also been enriching because it allowed me to meet people from different parts of the world. Everyone talked to each other about how was the career of Law in their country of origin, which promoted a very interesting exchange of ideas. Additionally, at that moment you realize that, regarding the academic training, a student from the University of Lima is at the same level as students from the most renowned universities of the world.

Furthermore, when you are far away from your country, you grow as a person since you have to make decisions and properly manage your time. It was certainly a worthy experience.

“I grew as a person with the exchange”

Daniel Miranda
University of Lima (International Business)

I studied German in Peru so I wanted to do my exchange in Germany to improve my fluency of that language. I also pursued to get in touch with German culture. That is why I considered that Universität Wuppertal was a good choice.

It has an excellent environment that encourages you to be a responsible and competitive student. I took courses related to marketing, accounting and principles of business and economics. These courses were taught by top-level professors and PhDs.

Moreover, Wuppertal is a very beautiful and ecologic city, crossed by hills and woods. In this context, you grow in all respects. With the exchange, I did not only improve my academic level: I also grew as a person.

The attraction of the Peruvian culture

Antti Virkkunen
University of Turku (Finland)

I had always been interested in doing a student exchange and already decided to go to South America or Mexico. In Finland, I met a Peruvian girl and she convinced me to come to Peru since everything she used to tell me about her culture grabbed my attention. I think that the University of Lima is a top academic institution. In my country, it is not mandatory to attend classes, and here we do more individual and group assignments than there. This system is better because studying here is a continuous activity and that helps you learn better. It is interesting that students have the opportunity to participate in several workshops and associations related to their personal interests and tastes. I enjoy the courses and classes very much but I also appreciate the time that I spend with my friends and meeting new people. I will definitely recommend my friends in Finland to come to Peru and to this university. I am determined to come back when I finish my career.

From Georgia to Peru

Laura Markham
Georgia College & State University (United States of America)

I study Spanish Language and Latin American Studies. I have studied the history of the Spanish Conquest of America and, as Peru was the core of everything, I wanted to come here. I have been living here since January and I took two courses in the Summer Term: Language II and History of Peru. I am currently taking three more courses: Social Sciences, Peruvian Issues – which is a very interesting course! – and Peruvian Films. I love the subjects a lot and they have the same level as those in the United States. Professors are very intelligent and open-minded, and they encourage students to discuss and reflect. My favorite course is Peruvian Issues because we review very interesting documents and literature about Peru, and we talk about controversial topics that grab students’ attention. Peruvian people are very kind and I have made plenty of friends. We are twenty-two foreigners and, in my opinion, the quantity is perfect because in other universities there are too many foreigners and they only spend time among them. This university is the most beautiful one that I have ever seen in Lima: it has gardens, buildings, and everything is very clean. I recommend this experience to everyone because Peru is a very multidimensional country and there is a lot to see.

Bremen, a German dream

Enrique Richter
University of Lima (Industrial Engineering)

I studied in a German school, the Alexander von Humboldt School, and I have always aimed at doing an exchange in Germany. During the internship period and almost having completed my undergraduate program, I thought: “If I do not go to Germany now, I will never do it”. Choosing Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Sciences was perfect because, even though industrial engineers can attend this university, it is more business-oriented, and that is what I am more interested in. Hochschule Bremen is a study center with a comprehensive international approach. The university offered me financial aid and the paperwork done here was very easy. I took five courses: two from Human Resources, and one each from Logistics, Project Management and Global Management. Class level is very similar in both universities. Upon completion of the term, I travelled throughout Europe during one and a half months. I started my journey in Amsterdam, and then I went to Prague, Greece, Milan, Morocco, Madrid, Oporto, Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome and Paris.

Exchange in South Korea

Stefanía Chiappe
University of Lima (Communication)

I chose Korea because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the other side of the world. At the beginning, everything seemed very different to me but I appreciated its amazing culture. People are very respectful, honest and kind too. When sometimes I got lost in the subway, people approached to ask me if I needed help and told me which line I should take to go to a certain place. I took an audiovisual course, and courses such as Internet Communication and Interaction Design. I also registered to learn Korean, and practice yoga and martial arts. Before travelling to Korea, I applied to a one thousand dollar scholarship, for which you need to have a certain TOEFL score. However, when I arrived there, the Korea University gave me a better scholarship since it submitted my scholarship application to the State. This allowed me, besides studying, to travel and to do a little bit of cultural tourism.

“An incredible term”

Charlotte Deyme
Clermont Graduate School of Management (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

It was an incredible term. I will never forget my experience in Peru. I will return anyway.

I enjoyed the bonding with Peruvian and foreign students of the Management Undergraduate Program, and with several professors. Moreover, the University’s campus is beautiful. It is nice to study in such an environment. The services offered are also excellent. The virtual classroom system is very useful.

Peru has many different landscapes. Additionally, discovering its culture has been very interesting. Peruvian people are kind, attractive and open-minded. They also like to share time with tourists. And, of course, I loved Peruvian cuisine.