International Relations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the level of Spanish required to be accepted as an exchange student?
While a certificate of proficiency in Spanish is not required, you must have at least an intermediate level (B2) in order to understand the classes and participate in them.

What is the equivalence of the University of Lima’s grading system with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)?
To check equivalence, click here.

What type of visa is needed?
In accordance with the legal provisions in force, you must obtain an official exchange visa. The University of Lima arranges this visa one month prior to the students’ arrival to Peru with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This visa is free of charge, but students must go to the Consulate of Peru in their country and present their passport in order to get it. For this procedure, students must send a copy of the flight reservation, the address where they will live in Lima and the copy of the current international health insurance valid for the entire exchange period. Another alternative is to enter Peru as a tourist and, as soon as possible, apply for the change of immigration status from tourist to student at the National Immigration Superintendency. This procedure takes 40 days and costs approximately one hundred dollars.

When will you inform students on their acceptance as exchange students?
The process of evaluating an application takes a fortnight. Afterwards, a letter of acceptance is sent to the home university.

How is accommodation arranged?
The University of Lima does not have on-campus housing, but maintains a reference database which is constantly updated and sent to universities with which we have exchange agreements. Foreign students must come into direct contact with the landlord/landlady and make a selection based on the location, price and services offered.

Does the University provide a pick-up service from the airport?
Yes. Applicants must send an email and request this service. Afterwards, the service will be scheduled and provided at no cost.

Is it necessary to take out an international health insurance?
Yes. A health insurance with international coverage must be taken out in the country of origin. Said insurance will be requested at the time of registration.

Is it possible to extend my exchange period at the University of Lima?
Yes, but permission of the university of origin is mandatory. The exchange coordinator at the students’ home university will contact the exchange coordinator at the University of Lima to formalize the extension.

How far in advance do students need to arrive to Peru for exchange programs?
If students decide to participate in the three-week Spanish course offered before the beginning of each academic term, it is advisable to arrive a month in advance. Otherwise, students must arrive a week in advance for orientation in registration process.

Where can students find the University of Lima’s academic calendar?
Academic calendars for both academic terms can be found here.

How much money should students bring to Lima?
It is recommended to bring one hundred dollars in cash for the first days. Afterwards, transactions can be made with debit or credit cards. Students may safely withdraw money, even on Saturdays, from any of the three ATMs of different banks which are located at the University of Lima’s campus.