Professional Profile

Graduates from the Economics Program have theoretical and practical knowledge, and the soft skills necessary to generate an innovative impact that creates value in business, management and technical fields, and in private and governmental areas. Moreover, they have a holistic view with capacity to diagnose complex problems and solve them in a systemic manner, provide leadership and collaborative work, and have an aptitude for lifelong learning.

Professional Skills

Cognitive skills

Graduates will be able to master fundamental concepts of the different academic areas of the Economics Program, and develop skills and abilities to work in the following occupational areas:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Capital market
  • Risk management 
  • Public policy

Attitudinal skills

  • Assess national and international economic and financial situation, and propose economic policy measures.
  • Identify, in a systemic manner and with holistic view, the economic factors that promote economic and financial improvement of a company, and put forward solutions to its financial problems in a highly competitive environment.
  • Analyze macro- and microeconomic environment in which companies and government operate.
  • Propose macroeconomic policies that promote sustainable development of private and state sectors.
  • Assess and propose measures that contribute to the insertion of local companies into national and international markets.
  • Identify, develop and evaluate, in a prospective manner, social projects that promote economic and social development of the country with a comprehensive perspective of development.
  • Identify, develop and evaluate, in a prospective manner, private investment projects that allow the establishment of their own companies, and that contribute to the development of sectoral economies.
  • Conduct research in the field of economics.

Valuation skills

  • Create new business opportunities for spreading common welfare.
  • Graduates’ performance is based on ethical values, social, cultural and environmental responsibility to the country and the world.