Capital Market Laboratory

Our Laboratory, unique in Latin America, is designed to provide students with specialized tools and software currently available in the national and international capital market. This allows students to conduct a better research and analysis process for their competitive professional development.

In the Capital Market Laboratory, University of Lima’s students are trained to manage key indicators of fundamental and technical analysis which allow the best investment decisions making. Additionally, traditional stock market games are played and participants have the opportunity to manage an investment portfolio, depending on the situation generated in the stock markets, and considering national and international events.

Why is it unique?

Three reasons make our Capital Market Laboratory unique:

  1. Because Business School’s students may apply theoretical knowledge by playing stock market simulation games.
  2. Because in the Laboratory, two reports are drafted with the students’ participation: Pulso Bursátil which is daily issued and contains information on national and international capital market; and Pulso Económico which is issued at the end of every month and includes key economic indicators of the Latin American Integrated Market (MILA). These activities make us the only university that issues daily information which is one of the main information sources for investors’ and companies’ decision-making.
  3. Because the Laboratory is equipped with the best technology and computer programs of the international market which are permanently available to students and professors:
    1. Bloomberg. 
    2. Thomson Reuters Eikon. 
    3. Economática. 
    4. Risk Simulator. 
    5. Datastream.