Scientific Research


The goal of the Scientific Research Institute (IDIC) of the University of Lima is to promote, manage and disseminate the scientific activities carried out by the professors in the different knowledge areas taught at the University. In this sense, professors conduct research with the help of our students through pre-professional internships. Therefore, interns are encouraged to get involved in the research world and get to know the most important tools for their current and future academic and professional performance.

In order to know the benefits and problems of these internships, an anonymous survey was applied. Some of the answers are presented below:

“I consider that it has been very rewarding and useful for my academic and professional training because I have developed several skills in different areas in order to have a better comprehensive performance”. (Law intern, 8th academic term)

“They are a valuable opportunity for students to understand the value of academic research and be able to have a job experience with convenient schedules and the possibility to apply resources that could be subsequently used for students’ own benefit at the moment of doing the thesis”. (Psychology intern, 9th academic term)

“They are excellent because they give us the opportunity to start off in internships, allowing us at the same time to continue with our student task. They also increase our knowledge and experience which I will use in my university life as a future professional”. (Architecture intern, 8th academic term)

“It is a great initiative to train students at the same university so that they can support the different researchers, and thus scientific research be encouraged in the country because it is very restricted”. (International Business intern, 8th academic term)

“I consider that currently academic research is an essential requirement for success, not only the university’s success, but also the students’ and professors’. Therefore, I think it would be great that more professors submit high-quality projects to the IDIC in order to work with them”. (Economics intern, 9th academic term)

“It is a great opportunity to develop research together with professors who have wide experience because we learn with every step we take. Besides, it makes things easier regarding time demands for our studies”. (Industrial Engineering intern, 9th academic term)

Results of survey answered by interns (2015)
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