Scientific Research

Areas and Lines of Research

In accordance with the educational and curriculum goals of the different careers, and considering our country’s sustainable development needs, the IDIC has given priority to the following areas and lines of research:

Areas Lines of research
  • History of architecture and conservation of architectural/cultural heritage.
  • Technology and construction.
  • Urbanism.
Law, State and Society
  • Political science (Political processes, political communication and public opinion).
  • Law (different branches). 
  • Cultural and sociocultural studies.
  • Ethics, regulation and self-regulation.
  • State reform and public policies.
  • National economy. 
  • International economy. 
  • Markets (job, capital, financial markets).
  • Economic theory.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Business management and administration. 
  • Marketing, commercialization, market studies and advertising. 
  • Business solutions and business intelligence.
Environment and Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable development.
  • Social responsibility and socio-environmental conflicts.
  • Clean technology and renewable energy.
Communication Processes
  • Industries, creative and cultural processes.
  • Languages and narrative communication. 
  • Communication, information and communications technology (ICT), innovation and education.
Production Processes and Product Development
  • Industrial processes (design, simulation, optimization, automation, control, etc.).
  • Production (systems, chains, clusters, safety, health and ergonomics).
  • Products and materials (design, quality, normalization, development, evaluation, etc.).
  • Psychological tests. 
  • Psychology (all the branches).
Information Technology
  • Information technology management.
  • Mobile technology, cloud computing.
  • Software: development, applications, quality and safety.