This term comes from two Japanese words: ju meaning 'flexible' and do meaning 'path', 'road' or 'way', so judo would be defined as 'path to flexibility'.

Given the characteristics of judo, its goal is to achieve physical, technical, moral and tactical training. It is aimed at controlling the opponent by using one’s minimum effort and by making the most of said opponent’s effort.

The judo team of the University takes part in the following activities: metropolitan university championships, national university games and interclub competitions.


  • Third place in the XX National University Sports Games, Universiada Trujillo 2012. 
  • National Champion in the XIX National University Sports Games, Universiada Arequipa 2010. 
  • National Champion in the XXI National University Sports Games, Universiada Cusco 2014.


Henry Villena Chávez

Training Schedule

  • Tuesday and Thursday, from 18:00 h to 21:00 h.
  • Saturday, from 13:00 h to 15:00 h.


Mayorazgo Sports Complex

Contact Information

Department of Sports
Telephone: 348 0086