Karate is the martial art which allows self defense without using any weapon, just the human body. The style practiced at the University is the Okinawa Goju Ryu.

The karate team takes part in metropolitan university tournaments, national university tournaments and interclub tournaments.


  • National Sub Champion in the XX National University Sports Games, Universiada Trujillo 2012
  • Sub Champion in the 2012 Metropolitan University Games.
  • Third place in the XIX National University Sports Games, Universiada Arequipa 2010.
  • National Champion in the XXI National University Sports Games, Universiada Cusco 2014.
  • Champion in the 2015-1 Metropolitan University Games.


Sensei Yohnny Chávez Núñez (4th Dan Goyu-Ryu, coach of the Karate National Team)

Training Schedule 

  • Monday to Friday, from 11:00 h to 13:00 h (beginners and advanced students).
  • Monday and Wednesday, from 18:00 h to 21:30 h (beginners and advanced students).
  • Tuesday and Thursday, from 07:00 h to 09:00 h (advanced students).


Mayorazgo Sports Complex

Contact Information 

Department of Sports
Telephone: 348 0086