Since its inception in 1984 by Renzo Uccelli, the Mountaineering Association of the University of Lima (AAUL) has been the cradle of excellent athletes.

Created to gather mountain sports fans and disseminate this sport among young people, the AAUL is currently part of the Lima League, the Peruvian Andean Club (CAP), the Américo Tordoya Mountaineering Club (CMAT) and the Draco Mountain Climber Club. AAUL also belongs to the Peruvian Federation of Mountaineering and Wintersports.

Members of the AAUL practice three sporting disciplines: trekking, rock climbing and mountaineering. All of them approach athletes to nature and allow them to interact with the environment.

By means of this association, students will be able to discover far and beautiful settings in Peru.


There are basic courses of mountaineering in each academic term.

Contact Information

Department of Sports
Telephone: 348 0086