Kung Fu

Kung-fu is a Chinese martial art, the practice of which allows you to use your body as a self-defense weapon, increases your body’s strength and reaction time, and improves your will and concentration skills to be applied in your studies. By practicing this discipline, you build confidence, self-control y self-discipline.


  • Third place in the XIX National University Sports Games, Universiada Arequipa 2010.
  • Third place in the 2015-1 Metropolitan University Games.


Sifu Julio Chang Argüelles

Training Schedule 

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11:00 h to 13:00 h.
  • Wednesday, from 17:00 h to 19:00 h.
  • Saturday, from 11:00 h to 13:00 h.


Mayorazgo Sports Complex

Contact Information 

Department of Sports
Telephone: 348 0086