Professional Profile

Profile of a graduate of the Psychology Program

The graduate of the Psychology Program identifies, associates and integrates theory knowledge concerning psychology as a science and profession, making critical, pertinent and effective use thereof in accordance with the different socio-cultural contexts. The graduate applies and evaluates research methods, psychological instruments and intervention programs in the different areas of psychology, selecting strategies that best adapts to the reality under study. The graduate also acts with empathy and leadership according to the ethical principles governing the profession, thus promoting teamwork and interest in continuous learning and social commitment. 

What does a psychology professional do? 

The holder of a professional title in psychology issued by the University of Lima may work in: 

  • Private counseling. 
  • Schools, universities and other centers of tertiary education.  
  • Hospitals and private hospitals. 
  • Health care institutions. 
  • Companies in general. 
  • Human resources consulting firms. 
  • Research centers. 
  • Multidisciplinary institutions interested in preparing, applying and evaluating educational, business and social development projects.