Psychology Laboratory

Psychology students have a set of places which have technical and human resources required to implement scientific-technological activities of a psychological nature that support the academic work of the different courses and promote research activity in undergraduate students. The Psychology Laboratory goes far beyond being purely experimental: activities connected with even non-experimental approaches may be developed in this laboratory. These activities are solely developed with human beings in accordance with the ethical rules established by the American Psychological Association.


  • Verify empirically fundamental psychology processes and concepts developed in different courses, for example, replicated experiences, experiments with laboratory equipment or virtually, rules and procedures in the application of psychological tests and behavior observation, etc.
  • Develop skills in students that will enable them to efficiently perform and engage in the application areas of educational, clinical and business psychology, for example, training in assessment, interview, handling of group dynamics, psychotherapeutic techniques, among others.
  • Train students to develop basic skills for research, such as observation and register methods for behavior study; experiment design and implementation; and data processing, analysis, interpretation and report. 
  • Promote research and technological development in line with the needs of our country.

Furthermore, theory and practice are combined without any problem in the following laboratories:

  • Psychometric Office
  • Experiment Room
  • Virtual Laboratory
  • Individual Intervention Room
  • Observation Room
  • Group Intervention Room

Laboratory Regulations