The Management Undergraduate Program trains professionals specialized in business management with solid theoretical and practical knowledge. Said training enables them to lead first-level organizations in the areas of human capital, operations and logistics management, finance and marketing. Moreover, it enables them to carry out entrepreneurship projects for creating, implementing and managing their own business.

The methodology used in class sessions is intended to become students familiar with the most diverse business world situations and to develop in them a strategic view and skills to efficiently and effectively make decisions.

What are the areas of Management?


It is the area responsible for doing business to meet customer requirements and desires.

Human Resources

It is the set of activities related to staff administration of an organization. 


It is the area responsible for the management of economic resources required by a company.


It is the area responsible for input supply, production process and physical distribution.

General Management

It is the area engaged in implementing the administrative functions of planning, organization, management and control in any type of business.