Professional Profile

Graduates from the Management Program are professionals specialized in business management with solid theoretical and practical knowledge in line with the profile required by companies. They have the skills to efficiently work in different areas of an organization and in decision-making teams.

Professional Skills

Graduates will have developed different skills that will serve them in their professional life.

Cognitive Skills

  • Business management.
  • Staff administration.
  • Human resources management.
  • Operation administration.
  • Operation management.
  • Marketing management.
  • Finance.

Attitudinal Skills

  • Identify and successfully carry out personal or third party business opportunities.
  • Apply administration techniques for solving problems related to commercial, financial, operational and human resources aspects, and for efficiently and effectively managing companies and institutions.
  • Make investment, funding, business process management decisions.
  • Design, develop, implement, control and evaluate business management strategies that involve strategic, tactical and operational plans.
  • Manage interdisciplinary work teams to achieve organization’s goals.
  • Be able to interact with others to form an efficient work team in organizations.

Values-Based Skills

  • Develop management activities with social responsibility within an ethical framework based on entrepreneurship.
  • Create new business opportunities for the development of common welfare.
  • Grow as a person of integrity, enhancing personal values and professional skills.