Pre Lima

The Pre-University Center (CPU) of the University of Lima offers its students a solid academic education, which will allow them to successfully face the demands of the university life.

Requirements for registration 

To enroll and register in the CPU, applicants must complete the information requested at the online pre-enrollment form and go to the University of Lima’s campus, Building H, first floor, on the date and time assigned for their appointment (this information will appear in the hard copy report of the online pre-enrollment form). In addition, they must submit the documents specified below:

For fifth grade of secondary school students

  • National Identity Card (DNI).
  • Copy of the applicant’s report card from any period of the fifth grade of secondary school, including the school’s representative signature and seal. 
  • Hard copy report of the online pre-enrollment form.

For secondary school graduates

  • National Identity Card (DNI).
  • Original copy of the student’s academic record from the first to fifth grade of secondary education.
  • Hard copy report of the online pre-enrollment form.


  • Minor applicants must submit, at the time of their in-person enrollment, the following document, completed and signed by their legal guardian (please attach a copy of the legal guardian’s ID). Authorization for minors.
  • In the case of foreign applicants, the requested documents must be translated into Spanish by a state certified translator (if necessary), as well as sealed and signed by the Consulate of Peru in the country of origin and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru. 
  • The Ministry of Education of Peru must recognize the secondary studies performed abroad. The applicants must submit the pertaining documents confirming such recognition.
  • Students who pass both Arts and Science areas, and get a vacancy according to the ranking achieved in the selection process, will be admitted. 
  • Students not admitted by the Pre Lima will be able to take the corresponding admission exam at no charge.
  • The admitted applicants who want to change their undergraduate program will be able to request it only as from the beginning of the first academic term and on the established dates. In the event that his/her application is approved, the undergraduate program change will be effective from the next academic term.

Tuition Fee

S/ 3,200.00 (Three Thousand Two Hundred Soles).

At the enrollment, the applicant will receive a code so that he/she can make the payment either in cash at the Scotiabank agency located at the University of Lima, or with credit or debit card at the windows of the Checking Account Office. Once the applicant has already paid the amount of S/ 3,200.00, he/she should return to the enrollment hall to continue with his/her registration.

Reference amount; subject to changes.


Science Area

  • Math I 
  • Math II 
  • Math Reasoning

Arts Area

  • Reading and Writing 
  • Historic Processes 
  • Psychology and Development


The evaluation is continuous. It consists of a mid-term exam and a final exam administered in the middle and at the end of the academic term, respectively, and a coursework grade resulting from the continuous assessment throughout the academic period.

Queries about the grades and attendance

Queries about the grades and attendance of the students may be conducted via Mi Ulima (university website) with the student’s user name and password.


The CPU has practical courses that strengthen the lessons learned by the students in the theoretical courses. Its goal is to guarantee an optimal learning that allows them not only to pass the exams at the CPU, but also to be prepared to successfully face the university courses.

The laboratories are controlled by a teacher who is in charge of guiding the personal work of the students and giving counseling to those who need it. The laboratory material consists of a series of exercises and problems ranked by difficulty.

The work performed at the laboratories allows the students to face the tasks received during the week and that must be developed in order to achieve the proposed goals.


Counseling, programmed according to a schedule established at the beginning of the term, aims to clarify the students’ doubts in relation to the resolution of the exercises contained in the study guides. Counseling also strengthens the most important topics, which are explained in a dynamic and brief manner.

Didactic material 

At the beginning of each term, students receive the syllabi of the courses and, on each week, they receive a study guide that includes theory, practical examples, exercises and problems ranked by difficulty.

On each laboratory session, they receive a guide for practical courses, which is individually carried out in the classroom with the assistance of the teacher.

Psychological assistance

This service gives support to the students who have difficulties, such as low academic performance, as well as emotional problems and stress during exams. In addition, they receive counseling to make schedules and study methods. Youngsters with personal and interpersonal relationship problems in their family and social environments are also assisted.

In close connection with each University of Lima’s faculty, this service gives vocational orientation to evaluate the abilities and interests of the youngsters, so that they can appropriately choose their undergraduate program.

Information pamphlet

See the Pre Lima information pamphlet here.