Exam for Secondary School Students

The University of Lima offers the possibility of entering the General Studies Program to those students who are in the fifth grade of secondary school and, who having complied with the established requirements, take and pass the exam.

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Requirements for in-person enrollment

  • National Identity Card (DNI).
  • Copy of the applicant’s report card from any period of the fifth grade of secondary school, including the school’s representative signature and seal. In the event that the applicant does not have such document, he/she must submit a certificate of student status indicating that he/she is currently in the fifth grade of secondary school.
  • Letter of commitment to submit the student’s academic record after completing the secondary school. This document is obtained by printing the online pre-enrollment form.
  • Hard copy report of the online pre-enrollment form.


  • Minor applicants must submit, at the time of their in-person enrollment, the following document, completed and signed by their legal guardian (please attach a copy of the legal guardian’s ID). Authorization for minors
  • If the secondary school student passes the exam, his/her entrance will be subject to the submission of the original copy of the student’s academic record issued by the secondary school (from the first to fifth grade of secondary education) with all the subjects being passed. 
  • The original copy of the student’s academic record must be submitted by the end of January of the next year. Those preadmitted applicants who do not submit such document will lose their right of admission with no claim option.
  • Foreign applicants must submit, as a requirement, the requested documents translated into Spanish by a state certified translator (if necessary), as well as sealed and signed by the Consulate of Peru in the country of origin and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru.
  • The Ministry of Education of Peru must recognize the secondary studies performed abroad. The applicants must submit the pertaining documents confirming such recognition on the indicated dates.
  • The enrollment fee must be paid on the same day of the in-person enrollment, after the verification of the documents.
  • The admitted applicants who want to change their undergraduate program will be able to request it only as from the beginning of the first academic term and on the established dates. In the event that his/her application is approved, the undergraduate program change will be effective from the next academic term.

Note: This information is for reference purposes and may be subject to changes.

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