Auditor Students

Auditors are students who do not follow the ordinary admission procedure and are authorized by the Admission Committee to register for courses given at the University of Lima.

Students who are currently registered in other university or who have completed their university studies and want to temporarily complement them at the University of Lima may register as auditors in the university schools.

Students interested in auditing a course at the University of Lima must submit an application to the Admission Committee.

Students with cancelled registration at the University of Lima may not register in the university schools as auditors.


Approved courses taken on an audit basis may neither be transferred nor considered as regular courses at the University of Lima.

Payment must be made prior to the registration and must cover:

  • Registration fee: S/ 250.00 (Two Hundred Fifty Soles). 
  • Total amount of the credits to be taken: S/ 884.00 (Eight Hundred Eighty Four Soles) per credit.

Note: This information is for reference purposes and may be subject to changes.

Academic Offer

Auditors may register for up to six courses of the different careers offered by the University of Lima.


  • National Identity Card (DNI). 
  • Transcripts or authenticated copy of the bachelor’s degree or professional title.
  • Letter of the university of origin mentioning that he/she is a regular student.
  • Hard copy report of the online pre-enrollment form.

Note: In case of foreigners, authenticated copy of their passports must be also submitted.

Enrollment and registration

Enrollment will be performed from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:00 hours, at the Admission Office (Building H, first floor), according to the established calendar.

For enrollment, students must submit:

  • Completed documents. 
  • Printed document of the online pre-enrollment as auditor considering the courses to be taken.

Note: Upon enrollment, the pertinent university school will evaluate the submitted application. If accepted, students may register at the corresponding faculty on the dates mentioned in the established schedule. For such purpose, the payment receipt must be presented.