Systems Engineering

Professional Profile

Systems Engineering Program graduates are prepared to address organizations’ challenges and demands in a globalized context. With an inclusive approach, graduates propose, implement, validate and manage innovative solutions based on information technologies that enable organizations to meet their needs.

The educational objectives describe the goals that Systems Engineering graduates must achieve after 3 years of completion of the program. These educational objectives have been defined taking into account the opinion of students, graduates, professors, employers and advisory board.

Systems Engineering professionals from the University of Lima:

  • Are able to create solutions to the organizational needs based on information technologies and on their capacity to integrate knowledge of mathematics and physics, engineering principles, statistical and probabilistic analysis, as well as their computer skills.
  • Are able to lead or become proactive members of teams that develop feasible and effective solutions to organization’s problems, by exercising critical thinking together with professional and communication skills.
  • Have capacities for lifelong learning to improve their technical and management skills.
  • Are able to recognize and follow professional rules, taking into account ethical, social and professional responsibilities.

Professional Profiles of a Systems Engineer