Systems Engineering


Information exchange between companies, intensive use of mobile technology, information security, social responsibility of professionals, globalization of businesses, new ways to do business, innovation of services, and other contemporary phenomena are some of the problems that society, at both national and international level, must solve for its development.

In this context, the Systems Engineering Undergraduate Program of the University of Lima assumes its responsibility by preparing professionals with skills to identify, design, implement and validate solutions to the above-mentioned problems using information technologies (IT). 

The systems engineer of the University of Lima is qualified to work as an enterprising and innovative professional with solid knowledge in management of business processes, current and emergent information technologies, software engineering, wireless networks, cloud computing, business intelligence, e-government, virtualization, mobile devices, etc. Additionally, our systems engineer is familiar with the best IT governance practices or standards, such as enterprise architecture, IT infrastructure, information security, IT risk analysis, among the most important ones. Mastering the main IT enables the student of the Systems Engineering Program to be recognized by the most important IT companies worldwide (IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Cisco), which gives him/her the possibility to work in any part of the world. 

The systems engineer’s training in the University of Lima is complemented by topics related to human resources, marketing, strategic planning, environment, leadership, interpersonal relations, ethics and legal aspects of computing. 

With this training, our systems engineer graduate will be able to understand the organizations’ functioning in order to provide solutions involving the use of IT.