Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is an artistic and scenic manifestation that expresses sentiments, ideas and histories through the language of movement, and is in constant evolution due to a range of corporal methods, dance techniques and choreographic approaches that nurture it on an ongoing basis. In practice, it is a very versatile dance concerning styles, music and forms but it essentially works, in an orderly manner, the natural body alignment and the efficient use of energy to expand the possibilities of expression.

There are various techniques and disciplines present in the University’s contemporary dance workshops; among them are classic ballet, modern dance, principles of yoga, pilates, flying low, release technique, contact-improvisation and aikido.


Úrsula Cazorla


Zone of Artistic Expression (ZEA) (Parque del Este, first basement level)

Contact Information

Department of Artistic Activities
Person in charge: Mrs. María Elena Muñoz Arce
Telephone: 437 6767, extension: 30771