The purpose of the MBA Program is that the innovative professionals and leaders who generate value in their environment may obtain a specialization with an ethical perspective. In such a competitive world, it is imperative that our knowledge meets the demands of a dynamic and global market. Therefore, we propose a comprehensive and interdisciplinary training that applies the most recent developments in the industry to the solution of real cases. In this manner, our students are prepared to assume responsibilities and face challenges of great importance in the business world.

Its main differential advantages include the subject of innovation and technology in Silicon Valley where the main startups in the world are visited. Moreover, we offer the possibility of obtaining a second degree at the University of Queensland (Australia), and we have an international staff of professors and lecturers with distinguished careers. This allows for the creation of a professional networking of great value, and spaces for reflection that contribute to the business and social development of our country.

Benefits of the Ulima MBA Program

  • International trip to Silicon Valley (visit to the main startups of the world).
  • Possibility of obtaining a second degree at the University of Queensland (Australia).
  • Certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Development of managerial skills.
  • Curriculum focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Professional networking.
  • National and international professors and lecturers with a recognized career.
  • Fifteen percent (15 %) special discount for Ulima graduates.
  • Financing with no interests.