Graduate School

Admission to the Graduate School

To apply for any of our master’s programs, it is necessary to prepare a file containing the following documents:

  • Uncertified copy of the national identity card (DNI) or alien registration card.
  • Uncertified copy of the diploma of bachelor’s degree (this requirement is not applicable in the case of a graduate from the University of Lima).
  • Professional employment certificates. In the case of the Master’s Program in Taxation and Fiscal Policy, these documents must have been issued after the bachelor’s degree.
  • Academic or employment recommendation letter. If you are applying for an MBA Program at the Ulima or a Master’s Program in Taxation and Fiscal Policy, two letters are required.
  • Evidence-based résumé.
  • Affidavit containing the conditions of the study trip, if applicable.
  • Receipt of payment of enrollment fee at the University of Lima.

This file may be submitted to the Graduate School or sent by e-mail to

Afterwards, the admission process includes the following steps:

  1. Evaluation of applicant’s file.
  2. Personal interview (Applicants will not be interviewed if their files are not approved).
  3. Results.
  4. In case of being admitted: start of the enrollment process.


  • Applicants’ files are submitted only during the enrollment period. Further documents will not be submitted on subsequent dates.
  • Admitted applicants’ files will not be returned.
  • Final results are not appealable.
  • Enrollment is in-person.
  • Documents issued abroad must be sealed and signed by the Consulate of Peru in the country of origin and endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, or –where appropriate– stamped with the Hague Apostille. Moreover, the documents issued abroad must be translated into Spanish by a state certified translator.
  • The holders of a bachelor’s degree from the University of Lima are exempted from submitting the following documents: diploma of bachelor’s degree or professional title, transcripts, and foreign language proficiency certificate (provided that these documents have been previously submitted).

Contact Information

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