Industrial Engineering

Unit Operations Laboratory

In the industry, transforming a raw material into a product is a complex process, which is carried out through a set of unit operations and unit processes. Designed for such type of activities, this laboratory directs its research towards areas such as chemical products, and food and drink.

Thanks to its teams, it offers technical advice in technologies of food dehydration by freeze drying, spray drying and bulk drying. Moreover, it has a pilot plant of reverse osmosis water treatment used in the technical advice provided to users. The laboratory also supports our University students’ and professors’ research projects.

Some of our equipment is detailed below:


Lyophilizer (Martin Christ Alpha 1-2, Zirbus VaCo 5)

Equipment used to dehydrate food at a very low temperature and under high vacuum. Water is removed by product freezing and subsequent sublimation of ice, which preserves the organoleptic properties of food.

Spray dryer (Büchi mini spray dryer B-290)

Food dehydrator that sprays the product to be dried into a stream of hot air for a short time to obtain an instant and continuous drying.

Air-conditioning unit (GUNT ET-600)

Equipment used to study the operating conditions of air-conditioning and refrigeration. Its various applications include simple cooling, cooling with dehumidification, simple heating and steam humidification.