General Studies Program

Profile of Graduate Students

Graduate students from the General Studies Program of the University of Lima have received the foundations to face university life, and have obtained the skills to think critically about their environment and face their future faculty studies. Graduate students from the General Studies Program may:

  • Communicate efficiently in the academic area.
  • Make analyses in different fields, such as science and technology, and look for solutions to concrete problems. Likewise, they may apply study methods and techniques in order to achieve academic autonomy.
  • Develop art appreciation and become familiar with technological tools, according to the development of information and communication technologies.
  • Understand social, economic and environmental reality of the country, as well as its interaction with the current global reality.
  • Identify themselves as members of the university community and adopt attitudes such as leadership, empathy, dialog, respect and tolerance.
  • Construct ethical and civic values (responsibility, honesty, punctuality, effort) as basic elements of their personal development and recognize the importance of their participation in the development of the country.