Professional Profile

The Faculty of Law trains lawyers of integrity with solid knowledge of general law, business law, and disciplines related and complementary to law. Its graduates are able to generate and disseminate knowledge based on scientific research. In this regard, graduates from the Law Program of the University of Lima may:

  • Act according to legal and ethical rules, respecting Constitutional State’s principles and values; become aware of law’s ethical dimension and social responsibility. 
  • Be able to reason and argue on legal grounds.
  • Communicate clearly and understandably; be able to draft texts and express themselves in a technical and fluid language using accurate legal terms.
  • Give priority to the use of alternative means for resolving disputes by efficiently adopting parties’ positions so that satisfactory and enforceable agreements are reached.
  • Be familiar with scientific research methods and use them by harnessing the benefits of technology for their professional and academic development.

What does a lawyer do?

The holder of a professional title of lawyer may work in the following areas:

  • Private counseling.
  • Public and private law institutions.
  • Law firms.
  • Research centers.
  • International agencies.
  • Teaching and research.