Contact Information Module

Faculty of Communication 

Secretary of the Dean: Patricia Azabache Cedeño
Extension: 35501 Direct telephone number: 436-1426

Academic coordinator: Lucinda Butrón
Telephone: 437-6767 Extension 35550
Secretary: Miluska Sánchez García
Extension: 35551

Degrees and Titles Unit

Coordinator: Carlos Rivadeneyra Olcese
Telephone: 437-6767 Extension: 35560
Secretary: Ruth Hachmeister Llabres
Extension: 35502

Events Unit

Coordinator: Luis Miguel Pango Jordán
Telephone: 437-6767 Extension: 35505

SERCOM (Building E)

Coordinator: Manuel Solari Jorie
Telephone: 437-6767 Extension: 35530
Secretary: Renée Grandjean Scharff
Extension: 35535