Professional Profile

Profile of a Graduate of the Architecture Program

The architect of the University of Lima is a building professional governed by quality culture criteria. With the acquired skills and training based on ethical principles, the professional provides solutions with creativity and social responsibility, thus generating a positive impact on the environment.

The professional is able to design, go toward, implement and manage architectural solutions, and adequately respond to habitat problems in all its aspects and dimensions. The development areas of our architects are focused on the design, building, urbanism and preservation of the built heritage, as well as on the management and development of projects. The solid training offered by the University of Lima will enable graduates to successfully develop in the public sector and in private entities.

What does a professional architect do?

The architect of the University of Lima has the skills to:

  • Design projects with creative solutions. 
  • Find, implement and manage architectural solutions. 
  • Implement architectural projects with social responsibility. 
  • Carry out projects committed to sustainable development. 
  • Manage companies related to architecture, building and urbanism. 
  • Identify real estate business opportunities.

Our architects may also work in:

  • Public and private companies.
  • Building companies.
  • Architecture studies.
  • Consultancy companies. 
  • Ministries and public development agencies. 
  • Academic bodies.
  • International cooperation bodies.
  • Municipalities and regional governments.

Program’s goals and purposes:

  • Develop skills to work in architecture.
  • Train professionals who will lead multidisciplinary working groups, both in design and implementation of architectural projects.
  • Promote and develop scientific and technological research among community members.
  • Contribute dynamically to activities of social projection and university extension.
  • Raise awareness of participation in social responsibility activities among its members, thus contributing with the regional and national development.
  • Promote entrepreneurship culture among students and graduates.
  • Develop personal creativity.
  • Promote commitment and discipline in achieving goals.
  • Train professionals with criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment.
  • Develop in our professionals a social responsibility culture that generates a positive impact on the city of Lima.