The Architecture Program has the following areas:

Design Workshops

There are three design workshops. Each workshop has two classrooms for theory classes, a large working area, teachers’ lounge and a private area for counseling.

Location: Building W; third, fourth and fifth floors.

Modeling Workshops

Students may freely attend, at any time, modeling workshops to make models, share ideas and develop them. All workshops have the necessary infrastructure for teaching classes, including multimedia projection, etc.

Location: Buildings R and V, first basement.
Schedule: From Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 20.00 hours.
Advisors: Nathalie Ubillús, Abel del Pino, David Ortiz and Ramiro Pascal.

Model Deposit

Place where students’ works are stored.

Location: Building G, first basement.
Schedule: From Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 17.00 hours.
Person in charge: Sergio Ganoza.

Drawing Classrooms

There are four classrooms with drawing boards, projector and document camera.

Location: Building R, fourth floor.

Building Laboratory

In this Laboratory, students may work with different building materials.

Location: Close to the parking lot of Calle Cruz del Sur.
Person in charge: Amerlin Sotelo.

Academic Projects Office

The Academic Projects Office is engaged in the design of presentations, event organization, conferences and development of publications.

Location: Building W, third floor.
Persons in charge: Ángeles Maqueira and Christopher Schreier.