During the years 1960 and 1961, a group of university professors and leading representatives of commerce and industry, gathered in the Prodies Civil Association (Promotion of Industrial Development through Higher Education), decided to found a new university.

After two years of efforts to achieve this goal, the University of Lima was founded in accordance with Supreme Decree No. 23 dated April 25, 1962.

Prodies aimed at creating a different university, consistent with the modernization process, in which community spirit between professors and students was encouraged. A distinguished member of this association and first president of the University of Lima was Antonio Pinilla Sánchez-Concha, Esq.

The University began its activities with 120 students grouped in two faculties in a small premises located at Jirón Nazca No. 548, District of Jesús María, opposite to the Campo de Marte Park. Due to its rapid growth, on August 27, 1966, the Monterrico campus was opened. It had an area of about 40,000 square meters, which now reaches 183,307.06 square meters of built area.

Our campus has 2,234 parking spaces and some other areas, such as the Zone of Multiple Uses (ZUM) Auditorium and the Zone of Artistic Expression, which are underground constructions that enable to gain large spaces for green areas. A short distance away, the University also has an additional campus located in Mayorazgo urban area, District of Ate.

The University of Lima currently has approximately 22,300 students distributed among the General Studies Program, twelve academic programs organized in five faculties, and the Graduate School. Moreover, the University promotes a Scientific Research Institute (IDIC) and offers a large number of services to students, professors and general community.