University Tuna

At the initiative of a group of students belonging to the different faculties of the University and the Welfare Bureau, the University of Lima’s Tuna was founded on July 7, 1989 under the leadership of professor José Luis Eyzaguirre García.

Since 1989, the Tuna has organized, during the month of October, the Ibero-American Meeting of Tunas - University of Lima (EITUL) that has involved the participation of Chilean, Mexican, Portuguese, Colombian, Spanish and Peruvian tunas. In 2000, the EITUL was replaced by the Tuna Competition of the University of Lima (Cetul). This is the first and most important tuna competition conducted in Peru on an annual basis, and it takes place each year during the University Week in October.

The Tuna currently has a vast repertoire of traditional Spanish music, Peruvian and Latin-American popular songs, and also its own songs. Its members divide their time among academic, professional and tuna activities. They like to sing to women (reason for the tuna singing), drink wine and travel to foreign lands enlightening the name of Peru and the University of Lima.


Zone of Artistic Expression (ZEA) (Parque del Este, first basement level)

Contact Information

Department of Artistic Activities
Person in charge: Mrs. María Elena Muñoz Arce
Telephone: 437 6767, extension: 30771